We are extremely proud of the feedback we get from our clients and would like to share a few with you here.


John provided an interactive, humorous and captivating seminar that allowed all workers to open up and put life into perspective. His simple tips and relatable stories were fantastic. Those who participated walked away feeling uplifted and armed with new ways to cope with stress. Those had previously made ‘to do lists’ are now finally doing what they desired in order to achieve a healthier life style. One employee who participated has now joined a social swimming club after being inspired by workshop, he had been putting it off for years. I highly recommend John for all work industry types his sense of humour and his highly motivating energetic presentation is something not to be missed.

United Energy and Multinet Gas

Ashlea Gawne Health | Safety & Environment Officer

The program was treated with high enthusiasm by attendees and the results are a testimonial to their efforts. As a consequence, our employees are more health conscious and are still applying these principles passed on by the program. I found the program to be an outstanding benefit, not only from a personal viewpoint, (it cost me a fortune for a whole new wardrobe!) but most importantly for our employees. Inspirology are to be congratulated on delivering not only an educational and informative program, but a professionally run one as well.

Edison Mission Energy

Barry Warrillow | Plant Manager

Fantastic program….Verbi knows how to change peoples lives forever.


Gordon Phillips | Public Affairs Superintendent

John Verbi has worked with Wood Group PSN over a 6 to 7 year period providing valuable health related information and awareness packages, that have impacted on many of our worker’s lives in a positive manner. John has collaborated effectively with Wood Group PSN during event planning, such as for our annual offshore safety forum and has received great feedback from our construction work crews in relation to his messages about health in general and men’s health in particular. Wood Group PSN place significant value on the health and safety of our workers and work hard to provide them with helpful strategies to improve their health and sustain those improvements so that they can continue to enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle and John has played an important part in supporting these messages. John has been a valued part of our safety improvement journey that has helped our workers continue to sustain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Wood Group PSN

Brian Hamer | HSE Manager

With one of the most enthusiastic approaches to Health & Wellbeing, John has helped my work team set achievable health goals, seek regular doctors check up's and develop some great healthy habits that have set many of my colleagues on the road to better health, both physically and mentally. It's hard not to get caught up in his passion for taking care of your number one asset's - your mind & body and with his a wealth of knowledge on all things around health he's a one stop shop for help. I believe John could benefit everyone from elite athletes through to people with significant health issues that need addressing. Highly recommended!

Esso Australia

Grant Gibbs | Operations JI Advisor

It’s been more that a week since I have smoked. Unbelievable! Considering I was smoking almost a pack a day for 8 years ... (without having missed a single day of not smoking in the 8 years) have changed my 30 min running (3 days a wk) to 45 min walk with a aim of increasing it to an hour. The Life skills program has been a great help in educating & inspiring so thanks for that. I was mentally there but Life skills sessions made me motivated to go that extra step & actually give up smoking.


Durjoy | Westpac

As the Managing Director of BAC International Pty Ltd I have work with John and his team several times over the passed 10 years. During these time John and his team have been able to successfully engaged work groups at all levels within organisations which has seen high uptake of Johns programs. This is enhanced with John extensive knowledge base on health well being in the modern workplace. The outcome of this has seen John and his teams has been able to identify at risk employees and facilitate change to improve there general health and well being which has seen an improvement in organisational productivity. I would highly recommended John and his team.

BAC International

Brendan Procter | Managing Director

John Verbi from Health Wellbeing visits our site (BBMT) on a regular basis. He ensures we all start caring about ourselves & emphasis's the importance of exercise. He checks our blood pressure, blood sugar levels & importantly our cholesterol figures. He is so enthusiastic about others health, he makes you feel good about yourself, even when you don't exercise, something inside you says...hey com'on....move it or lose it! He doesn't beat up on you if you don't exercise but he gets inside your head & it niggles at you until you start to do exercise. Once you start, all those endorphins start running around your body & it becomes a drug. You can't wait for his next visit....just to show how good you look & feel... Well...that's for me anyway..." Ps...he's a very funny fellow who loves to help people !! Ps.....On one visit I asked? "How do you stay motivated?"Your reply:..."It's not about being motivated, it's all about continuing a habit!". I've always remembered this...Thanks for your inspiration !!!

Esso Australia

Bee Appleyard | Terminal Analyst/Planner


I recently had the privilege of seeing John Verbi present at a HR Practitioner function that we had organised and was very impressed with his inspiring and passionate presentation. His message was delivered in not only a professional manner but also bought humour into a topic that at times has been bland from others. The interaction with the group was appreciated and enjoyed by all. Feedback we received from our guests was extremely positive and discussions even continued after the event regarding John’s presentation. We would invite John to return and speak with our group anytime.

Geelong City Council

Kylie Shrume | Senior Training and Development Officer, Organisation Development

I had the pleasure of being at your presentation this morning in Geelong and still find myself laughing and importantly pondering the messages of today.

Vic Roads

Lisa Barton | Statewide People Services Consultant

John is a bubbly and energetic presenter and I would have no hesitation recommending him. His passion for what he does is very obvious, and his commitment to living a healthy and fit lifestyle shines through. John has delivered Health & Well being presentations to our diverse workforce, including office- and field-based staff from all walks of life, on a number of occasions and the feedback has always been very positive. His style is engaging and fun, spreading the word to others in the organisation who haven’t had the good fortune of seeing him, bringing people who have seen him back to see him deliver other topics and allowing us to continue to justify these types of initiatives, ongoing.

Gippsland Water

Marissa Schill | Senior Safety Coordinator

Education/Healthcare/Community Support Services

I am writing to thank you so much for your presentation at our Saluting Excellence Conference held at Fenix on Friday 21 November.

We received a lot of positive feedback on the day about your motivating segment, and in reviewing the evaluation forms from the event a large number of our audience noted your presentation as one of the highlights of the day, which is fantastic feedback. I really appreciate the consideration you gave to the brief, and feel that you listened and understood what we were looking for in this presentation, and it certain has resonated with the audience. I hope that we might work together on another event in the future.

Enjoy the upcoming festive session and all the best for a great start to 2015.

Vasey RSL Care Ltd

Tamara Paton | Human Resources Advisor - Recruitment and Selection

John is an inspiring person, always striving for his personal best in all aspects of life, especially in the Health & Fitness arena where he has helped people to change their lives for the better, he is a great role model because he actually practices what he preaches! He is an energetic and motivating speaker - everyone that meets him, comes away better for it.

Health At Work

Marsha Scandurra | Project Manager

John is an outstanding master of his craft; incredibly bright with a treasure trove of health and fitness knowledge. Thanks John for inspiring me to me to push past my perceived limits to get results. Your consistent and positive feedback and encouragement retrained my attitude while I retrained my body.

Greythorn Primary

Alex Nitsos | Teacher

I have worked closely with John over the years for many of my clients. John is always very well received by audiences of any type and engages them with a practical approach to general health and well being. He delivers his programs with energy, enthusiasm and motivation whilst keeping his message clear and simple. Most importantly, he practices what he preaches. Feedback from my clients is always positive and I never have any hesitation in recommending John for future projects. If you require a health and well being initiative in your workplace whereby you want your employees to walk away with practical learnings and advice to assist them in making sustainable changes in their lifestyles John will deliver.

Workplace Health Industry

Gerard Beven | National Sales Manager

I’m very proud of this recommendation as it comes from a “Legend in the Field: Rachel Arthur." Over the past 7 years working in corporate health, I have had the pleasure of ‘sharing the stage’ with John on several occasions and each time I listen to him talk to workers I find myself instantly become one with his audience… fully engaged, inspired to genuinely reflect on my own work and lifestyle behaviors and also enjoying myself thoroughly thanks to his ridiculous sense of humour. John is not one of those health educators that people will walk away from thinking, “I could never do/achieve that”. John actually has the opposite effect, leaving most listeners thinking, “If he can do it, I can too!”. He removes imagined barriers to behavioral change and does it in a way that is gentle, self-deprecating and full of good fun. I think John’s a bit of a rough diamond in this industry, seemingly just a ‘regular guy’ who can inspire hundreds of other ‘regular guys’ to make better choices.

The Doctor's Naturopath

Rachel Arthur